Sunday, September 6, 2009

Speech or No Speech

I'm confused today. I'm not even sure writing it out will make it any clearer. In past elections Presidents have won elections based on the majority of voters - not confusing. Unless I am missing something from history, no President has ever won 100% of the votes. And even though past Presidents have not won 100% of the people's votes, the country went on, sometimes a few grumbled, sometimes the media picked sides, and sometimes there was controversy, but in the end we - the voters - hoped the President succeeded because it was in our country's and our best interests. Still not confusing. I even remember other Presidents addressing the schools and children of the nation - without controversy, OR PERMISSION SLIPS! Now here is where I am confused. Whether I voted for President Obama or not is irrelevant now. He is my country's President. I hope he leads this country in the right direction. Is addressing the children and encouraging them to do well in school the right direction. DUH! Whether I agree with anything else he says or not, I agree with telling students that school is important, that hard work can better your life, and that a positive attitude will take you far. Who can't agree with that? So, WHY, WHY, WHY, are our districts sending opt out letters home with students? Why are we not allowed to watch a live address from OUR PRESIDENT? I will be honest, I didn't vote for him; I don't agree with everything he is working on right now. But if the President fails, our country fails. It is what it is. Let's support the things that are good. Focus on that - maybe he'll do more. I am confused by all the adults that are acting like children with their fingers in their ears crying out, "I'm not listening, I'm not listening!" Good grief!
Sorry for the vent. Still confused.

PS I will NOT be signing the opt out form for my children. And I am mad as I can get that they can't take advantage of technology, watch it live, and have discussion at school with many viewpoints.


  1. From someone else who didn't vote for "our" President, I totally agree. I tried to get my frustrations out in a blog post but I think it just made me more aggrevated.

  2. The PS was one final try at venting it out, but I think, like you, it just fuel the frustration.